DC Rebirth’ed

So while Marvel have been losing their core audience (See my post ‘It is time lord, not time lady!’), DC have been doing the opposite.
I enjoyed the New 52 (Snyder and Capullo’s Batman run is one of the greatest), and for anyone who is new to DC and wants some comics to give them an idea about the DC universe, id recommend the New 52, especially the Justice League comics. They give you a pretty decent idea of the DC universe in general without needing to know much beforehand.
But a lot of the core audience didnt like the reboot.
They missed a lot of the characters that were cancelled and they felt like DC lost alot of their long history.
So DC ‘rebooted’ again with Rebirth.
Except they didnt actually reboot. Instead they, well, they’ve actually kind of been reborn. And its actually rather clever.

The new Rebirth comics start with everyone back in the ‘pre 52’ timeline, but with a difference. Everything that happened in the 52 still happened. Whaaaaat?
Wally West, one of the characters fans mourned when he was cancelled for the new 52, returns to warn the main characters that some meddlesome God has been playing around with time and manipulating history. He tells everyone that they have all lived before, multiple times, but every now and then this God changes the timeline which results in everything changing. This, as it turns out, is a neat little way of explaining every reboot in DC’s history. The golden age, the silver age, hell, even the 60s batman tv show! And not only that, it acknowledges that all these different variations live inside the same universe.
So far we’ve seen old characters return, different versions of characters meet eachother, and we’ve even had Bruce Wayne meet Thomas Wayne from The Flashpoint Paradox.
With the idea of a God messing with time and creating alternate realities that live in the same universe, DC have given themselves a way to do whatever the hell they want. Interesting.
And who is this God? Well …

Im not gonna say much more than that, but for anyone whos read Watchmen, I bet I’ve just tickled your tastebuds.
With some great up and coming writers and artists working on the current lines, and some of the greats of the modern era working on DC Metal, it really is a good time to be a DC comics fan.


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