Top 10 Simpsons Episodes

The Simpsons. That once great show that was at the forefront of original comedy.
How I miss it. Im aware its still running, but seriously, have you seen the new episodes?!
I think its fair to say that the golden era of The Simpsons was somewhere around season 2 to season 10 and sadly not alot of people know this.
Thus, I have created a list of 10 of the best simpsons episodes!

10. Homers Enemy
(Season 8 Episode 23)
“I dont need safety gloves, because IIIII’m Homer Simpon!”
I worked in an electronics factory for almost 10 years and I lost count of the amount of times this line was quoted when someone put on safety gloves.
The whole episode is based around Homer inadvertently annoying his new colleague, Frank Grimes. At first Frank is more bewildered by Homer, rather than annoyed, but very quickly his annoyance builds to complete intolerance. The result is Frank boiling over into a rage filled meltdown, fueld by his hatred of Homer. And killing himself.
Ok its not quite as dark as that, its actually way more funny and worth checking out.


9. Radioactive Man
(Season 7 Episode 2)
For anyone whos seen this episode, the above image alone should be enough to make you laugh. In all honesty, i dont remember much else in the episode being that great.
But THAT moment alone is more than enough for this episode to be on the list.
The beginning of the episode focuses on Bart trying out to be Radioactive Man’s sidekick Fall Out Boy, but after he gets told hes too short, Milhouse is given the role.
The rest of the episode is Bart being jealous and Milhouse resenting the fame and responsibilities of the role, but theres plenty of laughs to be had with the surrounding characters. The stunt doubles for Milhouse being one of them. And of course, Radioactive Man himself.

8. Homer They Fall
(Season 8 Episode 3)
One of the first Simpson episodes i remember watching and one of my favorites.
For me this is a quintessential Simpsons episode. Funny, engrossing, and absolutely full of charm. One of the saddest things about the new episodes is how they simplified Homer into nothing more than a one note ‘dumb’ character. But Homer is so much more than that and some of the best episodes are based around him and his personality.
The same could also be said for a lot of the Simpsons supporting cast too and no more is that evident than in this episode. Homer becomes a boxer and Moe agrees to be his manager, resulting in Homer having a match with the heavyweight champion of the world Drederick Tatum (An obvious spoof on Mike Tyson, managed by Don King).
We follow Homer and Moe as they prepare for the fight, and Moes dilemma at having to choose between money and fame and the well being of his best friend.
And thats what sets this episode apart from alot of the other episodes. Because as well as having a lot of comedy in this episode, it also has a lot of heart.

7. The Springfield Files
(Season 8 Episode 10)
One of the things that used to be a strength of The Simpsons, but they’ve completely ruined now, was making fun of celebrities and pop culture. In the newer episodes it feels forced and a lame attempt at being relevant, but back in the day it was new and original.
This episode is mostly an episode making fun of the X files, with a few other targets thrown in. A good old fashioned mystery story, this episode sees Homer witnessing an ‘alien’ in the woods and his attempts to convince the rest of Springfield that hes not lying. This results in agents Mulder and Scully from the X files coming to Springfield to investigate. I wont spoil the surprise but this episode features some absolute classic Simpsons moments and a bucket load of pop culture spoofs.

6. El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious voyage of Homer)
(Season 8 Episode 9)
One of the craziest, most out there episodes of a tv show ever. By todays standards it might seem pretty normal, but at its time it felt was unlike anything on tv.
The episode starts with Homer going to a chill cook off and eating an extremely hot chill, resulting in what can only be described as him absolutely tripping his balls off.
He meets his spirit guide that turns out to be a giant space coyote voiced by Johnny Cash, he breaks through a dimensional wall and becomes 3-d, and more importantly, he punts a wise old tortoise. Its so surreal and features some of the most creative animation the Simpsons ever did, be sure to check it out.

5. Homers Phobia
(Season 8 Episode 15)
We’ve reached the heavyweights of the Simpson episodes.
One of the few episodes where Homer comes off as a bit of a villain, the star of this episode is John Waters. I’ve never been homophobic and it may very well be because of this episode. You just cant help but love John.
Homer makes a new friend, John, only to discover that he is gay. In the typical Homer way it takes him longer than everyone else to grasp the fact and he completely overreacts when he does. And thats where the comedy comes into play. Seeing Homer freak out as Bart becomes more and more influenced by John, yet not noticing his own ‘gay’ tendencies.
This is one of the episodes where the writers show just how good they are at what they do. Not only do they craft an extremely funny episode, but they deal with something as serious as homophobia at a time when no one else really was. And it wasnt the first time they did either (more on that later). Zzzzzzap!

Homer Badman - Grabbing Venus
4. Homer Badman
(Season 6 Episode 9)
Genius. Absolute genius. There is no other way to describe this episode.
Ahead of the times once again, this episode completely satirizes the ever increasing ‘ratings’ culture of 24/7 news. With Homer being accidentally labelled a sex pest, Springfield news begin covering Homers every day life as the town turns against him.
The over the top reporting of Homer as he goes about his mundane life is utterly hilarious. In one clip, Homer slips and falls in the shower with the shower curtain wrapping around him. Kent Brockman reports the incident, opening with “Homer Simpson sleeps nude in an oxygen tent that he believes gives him sexual powers!”

3. Lisa The Simpson
(Season 9 Episode 17)
This is an odd episode. Theres 2 stories happening in the same episode.
One story involves Lisa believing that shes losing her intelligence due to a Simpson gene that makes them become dumb as they get older. Its pretty boring.
The other story revolves around THE FREEZER GEEZER!
One of the pensioners in Springfield freezes himself in one of the Kwik-E-Marts freezers and Apu turns it into a tourist attraction. Once again, the comedy is in the supporting cast and the details involved in the freezer geezer story. With classic quote after classic quote, watching this episode is like a rite of passage for any Simpsons fan.
Moon pie … what a time to be alive.

2. Simpson And Delilah
(Season 2 Episode 2)
The top 2 on this last are pretty much joint top for me for various reasons. I felt like putting this one first just because so many people dont even know it exists, but the power of the other episode is just too much and its just so perfect.
I mentioned before that the Simpsons addressed homosexuality before, they did, and it was in this episode.
Homer finds a cure for his baldness and grows his hair back, resulting in Mr Burns giving him a promotion and thus needing an assistant. Enter Karl. Featuring the gravelly voiced Harvey Fierstein, Karl gives Homer the confidence, guidance and support hes always needed to succeed.
Homer: “Im just a big fool.”
Karl: “No you are not!”
Homer: “How do you know?”
Karl: “Because my mother taught me never to kiss a fool!”
Theres nothing particularly ‘gay’ about the episode, other than it features a seemingly gay character. But thats what makes it great. The whole episode is centered on the relationship between Homer and Karl and the lengths Karl goes to to support his favorite boss. Its a ‘love’ story between two friends that leaves you with a smile on your face.

1. You Only Move Twice
(Season 8 Episode 2)
Quite possibly the most quotable episode of The Simpsons ever with one of the greatest characters of the Simpsons ever. This is the Simpsons magnum opus.
It spoofs the traditional James Bond stories while also flipping them on their head and firing one liners at you with rapid speed.
Homer gets a new job working for the Globex Corporation, run by the charming and enigmatic Hank Scorpio. You cant help but love Hank and enjoy his and Homers friendship. And then theres the reveal. Hank is infact, the worlds greatest Supervillain.
What then follows is great joke after great joke as Hank moves forward with his plan for world domination and Homer unknowingly helps, whilst remaining completely unaware of what is happening around him. Even as Hank battles government assassins and Homer tells him he has to quit his job, he’s still blissfully unaware, “But Homer, on your way out if you could kill somebody it would be a real help”.
As I’ve shown on this list, some Simpsons episodes deal with serious subject matter, some even have some drama, but this episode is complete and utter joy.
In the words of Hank Scorpio,
“Dont call me Mr Scorpion, Its Scorpio. But dont call me that either. Call me Hank.”



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