The Big Beat Manifesto

The League of Ordinary Gentlemen is a blog site created by a few bored, untalented nerds that quite frankly dont have anything better to do with their time.

There are only so many times you can troll people on Whatculture before you get banned and need somewhere else to go. And so here we are.

We wanted to create a place where you can read reviews about the latest movies, tv shows and games, and not have it be completely bias because of sponsorship deals.
A place where you can read entertaining articles that actually have some substance, rather than constant clickbait to drive up the ad revenue (we have none).
A place where anyone can contribute, so if you disagree with what you read and think you can do a better job, go right ahead!
And most of all, a place where you can just be entertained for a few minutes, rather than seeing the same old news stories, politics, annoying facebook status’ or having someone trying to sell you something.

… Well, we couldnt do any of that, so we just made this website instead. And we’ll start the bidding for Liams arse at £3.50 an hour. Buy now and you’ll get a reach around for half price!